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Day 230 – Using Morph Transitions in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge If you have Office 365, you might have noticed a new Transition style = Morph. In this posts I'll show you how to use Morph to apply some really cool animations, without building all those actual animation steps. Day: 230... Continue Reading →

Day 229 – Add Sections to PowerPoint Slides

#Office365Challenge I've been using PowerPoint for years, and pride myself on not "being too shabby" at it. However, I have never used sections in my presentations, so today we'll take a look at that. Day: 229 of 365, 136 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

Day 228 – Searching entire workbook in Excel

#Office365Challenge By now most of us know that CTRL+F brings up Search in Office. When working with Excel, it's important to know that it will only search the current sheet (by default). Day: 228 of 365, 137 left Tools: Excel Description: Searching... Continue Reading →

Day 227 – Change Portrait to Landscape in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge Again I was reminded today how so many people don't know the basics around Office. This is exactly why I undertook this challenge, to share something with you every day, and to show you how Office makes your life easier.... Continue Reading →

Day 226 – Drop Cap in Microsoft Word

#Office365Challenge Here's a quick one I bet you didn't know. Drop Cap in Word. Day: 226 of 365, 139 left Tools: Office 365 / Word Description: Drop Cap in Word I know I keep saying this, but I'm really learning new stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 225 – Filtered Alerts on Document Types

#Office365Challenge With the amount of information being thrown at us daily - it helps to receive notifications on relevant information. Using Alerts in SharePoint is a great way of achieving that. Day: 225 of 365, 140 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint... Continue Reading →

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