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Day 230 – Using Morph Transitions in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge If you have Office 365, you might have noticed a new Transition style = Morph. In this posts I'll show you how to use Morph to apply some really cool animations, without building all those actual animation steps. Day: 230... Continue Reading →

Day 229 – Add Sections to PowerPoint Slides

#Office365Challenge I've been using PowerPoint for years, and pride myself on not "being too shabby" at it. However, I have never used sections in my presentations, so today we'll take a look at that. Day: 229 of 365, 136 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

Day 228 – Searching entire workbook in Excel

#Office365Challenge By now most of us know that CTRL+F brings up Search in Office. When working with Excel, it's important to know that it will only search the current sheet (by default). Day: 228 of 365, 137 left Tools: Excel Description: Searching... Continue Reading →

Day 227 – Change Portrait to Landscape in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge Again I was reminded today how so many people don't know the basics around Office. This is exactly why I undertook this challenge, to share something with you every day, and to show you how Office makes your life easier.... Continue Reading →

Day 226 – Drop Cap in Microsoft Word

#Office365Challenge Here's a quick one I bet you didn't know. Drop Cap in Word. Day: 226 of 365, 139 left Tools: Office 365 / Word Description: Drop Cap in Word I know I keep saying this, but I'm really learning new stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 225 – Filtered Alerts on Document Types

#Office365Challenge With the amount of information being thrown at us daily - it helps to receive notifications on relevant information. Using Alerts in SharePoint is a great way of achieving that. Day: 225 of 365, 140 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 224 – ShareBingo Terms and Buzzwords

#Office365Challenge This weekend at #SPSJHB I had this crazy idea to start #ShareBINGO. Purely because so many terms and buzzwords get thrown around. All for fun of course, but it is obvious how many people don't (yet) understand what these mean, and... Continue Reading →

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