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Day 286 – SharePoint List Validations – Force completion of one of two columns

#Office365Challenge It's not always possible to mark fields as compulsory, should you want a user to complete one of two columns - it becomes more tricky. See formula below to help you achieve this. Day: 286 of 365, 79 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

Day 285 – SharePoint List Validations – Force field completion

#Office365Challenge Oh here's a good one that I've NEVER used before. The ability to set validations on columns in SharePoint - OTB. Day: 285 of 365, 80 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint Description: SharePoint List Validations Audience: All Thanks to Esaie... Continue Reading →

Day 284 – SharePoint Calculated Column Limitations

#Office365Challenge Yes I know, limitations again. But rather the devil you know... So let's look at what you can't do with calculated columns. Day: 284 of 365, 81 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint Description: SharePoint Calculated Column Limitations Audience: All Related... Continue Reading →

Day 283 – SharePoint Lookup Column Limitations

#Office365Challenge So lookups are pretty cool, and yes, it saddens me to have "limitations" in the title, but it's true. However, read on and I'll show you some cool tips to get around that! Day: 283 of 365, 82 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

Day 282 – Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint

#Office365Challenge To conclude my posts around calculated column formulas in SharePoint, I'd like to share my favourites for data cleanup. Day: 282 of 365, 83 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint Description: Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint Audience: All Related Posts: Day 275 –... Continue Reading →

Day 281 – ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN functions in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge Nope, didn't know I could do that in SharePoint. Of course being able to calculate ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN values in SharePoint is a great way to save time on reworking data. Day: 281 of 365, 84 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

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