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Day 300 – Restricting People picker to a specific SharePoint Group

#Office365Challenge How's that for planning?! My 300th post in this challenge falls on Xmas. So I really hope no one reads my post today or even opens their computers. But, here goes anyway. In SharePoint you can restrict who may... Continue Reading →

Day 299 – Citations, Bibliographies & References in Word

#Office365Challenge Anyone who writes books, blogs, articles, whitepapers & create presentations will find this useful. So yes - pretty much most of us. The ability to create meaningful citations for bibliographies or references are extremely powerful in Word. Day: 299 of 365, 66... Continue Reading →

Day 298 – Tap for Word and Outlook

#Office365Challenge Information at your fingertips? Well here you go. Word and Outlook now includes Tap - Insert Document Items which allows you to grab graphics / tables / charts from other office documents, you or colleagues have worked on. Day:... Continue Reading →

Day 297 – Setting your Out of Office in Office 365 Outlook

#Office365Challenge Ready to go on leave and not sure how to set your Out of Office for Outlook? Day: 297 of 365, 68 left Tools: Office 365 Description: Setting your Out of Office in Office 365 Outlook Audience: All Just in... Continue Reading →

Day 296 – Office 365 Update your version of Office

#Office365Challenge As you know with Office 365 you have access to the latest versions / updates. This post will show you how to check which version you're on and choose to update it. Day: 296 of 365, 69 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

Day 295 – Restore permanently deleted items in Outlook

#Office365Challenge The Office 365 Update in August (2016), brought you the ability to restore permanently delete items in Outlook. Day: 295 of 365, 70 left Tools: Office 365, Outlook Description: Restore permanently deleted items in Outlook Audience: All When deleting items... Continue Reading →

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