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Calculated columns

#Microsoft365 Day 243: Fix Text Case with Formulas in #SharePoint

One of my favorite formulas for data cleanup in Excel - and I didn't know I could use it in SharePoint. Winner winner chicken dinner if you ask me - this would fix a lot of that nasty Single line... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 242: Calculate days between Dates with Calculated Columns in #SharePoint

Yup, still on those calculated columns in #SharePoint. So easy to use and they solve a lot o problems and save time. Today I'll show you how to calculate days between dates - the difficult and the easy way. Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 240: Percentage Profit with Calculated Columns in #SharePoint

Wanna do some cool calculations on your data (lists) in SharePoint. Here's a great example of using Calculated Columns to work out the profit and profit percentage for you. Of course you can then write filtered views that shows profit... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 239: Add days to a date with calculated columns in #SharePoint

Here's a real nifty way to do your revision dates in controlled document libraries - automatically. Documents might have different revision cycles, so adding days as a cycle would then calculate the date it needs to be reviewed. Yup!! OTB... Continue Reading →

Day 282 – Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint

#Office365Challenge To conclude my posts around calculated column formulas in SharePoint, I'd like to share my favourites for data cleanup. Day: 282 of 365, 83 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint Description: Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint Audience: All Related Posts: Day 275 –... Continue Reading →

Day 281 – ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN functions in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge Nope, didn't know I could do that in SharePoint. Of course being able to calculate ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN values in SharePoint is a great way to save time on reworking data. Day: 281 of 365, 84 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

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