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#Microsoft365 Day 317: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 3

This video is all about the amazing News pages. Hopefully these will eventually replace those boring announcements + PDF attachments that are sent to all company via email. These pages are not just about text and images. They're like little... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 315: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 1

As a follow up to our "Let's build an #Intranet Together" series, I'd like to supply you with some videos and resources to empower your Super Users in #SharePoint. These people will be uploading content to the Intranet, make changes... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 309: Let’s Build a #SharePoint Intranet Together (Part 19)

Today we'll cover a 'scary' topic. Most people are afraid of applying permissions. Perhaps because they're not quite sure of the impact. Let's take a look at applying permissions for your contributors as well as readers. I'll also show you... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 308: Let’s Build a #SharePoint Intranet Together (Part 18)

The most important part of your Intranet is the team of contributors who will be adding content to it. Today we'll build a Microsoft Team for these Intranet Contributors to share ideas with each other, support and help each other.... Continue Reading →

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