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#Microsoft365 Day 66: Get your FOCUS back with Bing Filters

#Microsoft365 - At least 2 hours a day is spent looking for information. Try not to suck at it by using these great filters in the Bing search engine. For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go to the index page. DISCLAIMER: ... Continue Reading →

Day 264 – SharePoint: Choose when to send alerts

#Office365Challenge Today's post will remind you how to create filtered alerts, but also show you how to be selective about when they will be notified. Day: 264 of 365, 101 left Tools: SharePoint Description: SharePoint:  Choose when to send alerts Audience:... Continue Reading →

Day 150 Search Tools in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Outlook Search Filter Tools - We live in times where we're expected to do more while being exposed to more - and to make better decisions. If you're not using the tools available to help you "focus" your... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #7: Filtered Views & Filtered Email Alerts

During September I presented at a couple of SharePoint Saturdays and was surprised at how many people (business and technical) didn't know about 'filtered email alerts'. See my presentations on SlideShare. I'm pretty sure I stumbled across this accidentally years... Continue Reading →

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