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Day 282 – Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint

#Office365Challenge To conclude my posts around calculated column formulas in SharePoint, I'd like to share my favourites for data cleanup. Day: 282 of 365, 83 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint Description: Data Cleanup Formulas for SharePoint Audience: All Related Posts: Day 275 –... Continue Reading →

Day 281 – ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN functions in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge Nope, didn't know I could do that in SharePoint. Of course being able to calculate ROUNDUP, ODD, or EVEN values in SharePoint is a great way to save time on reworking data. Day: 281 of 365, 84 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

Day 146 Change the case of text in Excel

#Office365Challenge - I must admit, when I see spreadsheets or documents typed in All Caps, I get a little bit annoyed. I always say people typing in CAPS only, do it because they're lazy (excusing when the process actually calls for... Continue Reading →

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