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Modern Libraries

Day 269 – SharePoint: Dragging files into libraries and folders

 #Office365Challenge Apart from being able to drag documents into the library via web browser, the new modern libraries also allows dragging into folders. Day: 269 of 365, 96 left Tools: SharePoint Online Description: Dragging files into libraries and folders Audience: End User... Continue Reading →

Day 268 – Pin folders or documents in SharePoint

 #Office365Challenge In a library with 1000's of documents, the ability to pin important documents or folders to the top is invaluable. Day: 268 of 365, 97 left Tools: SharePoint Online Description: Pin folders or documents in SharePoint Audience: End User / Power... Continue Reading →

Day 267 – SharePoint: Changing the column width in Lists / Libraries

#Office365Challenge Here's another "shortest post in the history of blogging", but WOW - is this a life changer!! Today I'll show you how to change your column width when working in libraries / lists. Day: 267 of 365, 98 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

Day 265 – SharePoint: Easily create views in new Modern Libraries

 #Office365Challenge Today's post will show you how easy it is to create views in the new Modern SharePoint Libraries. Day: 265 of 365, 100 left Tools: SharePoint Online Description: SharePoint:  Easily create views in new Modern Libraries Audience: End User /... Continue Reading →

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