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Co-Innovation with Office 365 #ESPC19

Innovation cannot take place in a vacuum, just as our workforce should be diverse, so should our skill sets. The rise of the citizen development era also brings forth the need to understand how workloads integrate and complement each other.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 349: Build your #Microsoft #PowerPlatform Part 1

In the first part of my Build your #Microsoft #PowerPlatform series, I'll be building a SharePoint list that we can use for Visitor Check-Ins. I'd like to publish this as an App for my security personnel and then eventually write... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 249: Document and determine ROI on your solutions – #Office365 Citizen Developers (part 2)

#Microsoft365 #Office365 As part of a mini series for #CitizenDevelopers I'll be sharing tips and tricks around Business Analysis, Project and Change Management. Today we'll take a look at documenting your solutions. Yes. It's painful, I know. But I do believe... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 24: PowerApps 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - PowerApps is used to build custom business applications - with no development skills needed.  Think Leave Application, Product Ordering, Claims etc. AND it runs on mobile devices. For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go to the index page. I... Continue Reading →

Day 263 – PowerApps:  Different layouts on Screens

#Office365Challenge PowerApps allows us to very easily, change the layout of the fields / data on the Screen. Day: 263 of 365, 102 left Tools: PowerApps Description: PowerApps:  Different layouts on Screens Audience: End User / Power User Once your App... Continue Reading →

Day 262 – PowerApps:  Using slider fields

#Office365Challenge In PowerApps you have the ability to change the way your fields display. Let's take a look a using sliders. Day: 262 of 365, 103 left Tools: PowerApps Description: PowerApps:  PowerApps:  Using slider fields Audience: End User / Power... Continue Reading →

Day 261 – PowerApps:  Adding Tooltips to your fields

#Office365Challenge Today I'll show you how to add Tooltips to the fields on your PowerApp. Day: 261 of 365, 104 left Tools: PowerApps Description: PowerApps:  Adding Tooltips to your fields Audience: End User / Power User To add Tooltips to... Continue Reading →

Day 260 – PowerApps:  Create an icon for your App

#Office365Challenge In today's short post, I'll show you how to create your own unique icon for your PowerApp. Day: 260 of 365, 105 left Tools: PowerApps Description: PowerApps:  Create an icon for your App Audience: End User / Power User... Continue Reading →

Day 259 – PowerApps:  Basic Form Edit

#Office365Challenge As promised we'll start playing with PowerApps. Today's post will cover the basics of form editing. Day: 259 of 365, 106 left Tools: PowerApps Description: PowerApps:  Basic Form Edit Audience: End User / Power User There are different ways... Continue Reading →

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