Over the last 10 weeks I’ve embarked on a new journey with a good friend Rod Modlin of #Microsoft#PowerPlatform#LearningThroughSharing. Not working with it every day I’ve struggled to get my head around #PowerApps (although I (used to be) quite experienced in InfoPath / SharePoint Designer / SharePoint Workflows). It didn’t take much to convince Rod to teach me and at the same time share our learnings to help others. I’ll do a recap monthly in case you missed out! So here’s 9 hours of FREE learning!

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August 2020


Webinar: Build your Incident Management System using SharePoint & Power Apps

Join myself and Rod Modlin for this new webinar series focusing on the Microsoft Power Platform. In this webinar we’ll take a look at how easy it is to transform a SharePoint list into a Power App that can be used on mobile devices.

September 2020


Webinar: Navigation & Modifications to your existing Power App

In the second part of our #PowerPlatform series, Rod Modlin and I will take a look at making modifications on our existing Incident Management #PowerApp. We’ll also cover the Menus, Tree View, Controls, Functions & Properties.


Webinar: Modify your SharePoint provisioned Power App

In our third session, Rod Modlin and I will spend more time on the modifications of our SharePoint provisioned Power App. We also have a surprise guest!!


Webinar: Building low-code apps with Power Apps

In our fourth session, Rod Modlin will take us through building our app, starting in Power Apps, not SharePoint.


Webinar: Canvas Power App Gallery Customization

In this webinar we’ll continue our journey of building our “home page” with the gallery of items. We’ll be adding more filters and search functionality for our new app.

October 2020


Webinar: Adding contextual app information to your canvas Power App

In this week’s webinar we’ll discuss the options we have available to add more information by providing contextual app information or prompt users to act or provide input in our Power App. #PowerPlatform #PowerApps #PowerAutomate #PowerBI For more information on upcoming Webinars as well as recordings for previous webinars: https://tracyvanderschyff.com/webinars


Webinar: Creating your canvas app Edit Screen in Power Apps

In this session we’ll cover the creation of our edit screen for form entry on our canvas app.


Webinar: Power Apps Forms Continued

Rod continues the customization of the form. And adding the functionality to use it as both a New and Edit form.

November 2020


Webinar: Power Apps 8 Week Wrap Up – Tips and Tricks Shared

In this webinar we’ll give an overview of the #PowerApps features, tips and tricks covered during September & October as part of our #PowerPlatform Webinars.

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