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#Microsoft365 Day 334: Change the color of hyperlinks in #PowerPoint

Yay!! Brand new to #PowerPoint you can now change the hyperlink color - everywhere. That means different hyperlink colors on different slides. Yes I am aware that you could change all the hyperlink colors before by editing the Design Variants,... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 312: Using Ink to Text in #PowerPoint

Ink to Text in #PowerPoint will convert your handwriting to text. It actually works really great. I tried it by writing with my finger on the screen and with my pen. Think this will be great on my Surface Pro... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 288: Creativity and Curation for #Microsoft365 Citizen Developers (part 5)

#Microsoft365 #Office365 As part of a mini series for #CitizenDevelopers I'll be sharing tips and tricks around Business Analysis, Project and Change Management etc. Today we'll take a look at being more creative and the tools we can use to... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 263: Don’t have Zoom in #PowerPoint? Here’s How:

Most of my blogs are about Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Maybe you've seen the new Zoom function in PowerPoint and you're suffering from serious FOMO cause you don't have the latest version of Office. Here's how you can achieve... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 134: PowerPoint Designer ups its game AGAIN!

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #PowerPoint Everyone knows I LOVE PowerPoint, I even had a Powerpuff girl tattooed on my arm and called her PowerPoint Zoom. I've (incorrectly) used PowerPoint for years to design some crazy graphics that I used on my sites... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 77: Set transparency on shapes in PowerPoint

#Microsoft365 -¬†Everyone needs to create a presentation at some point. Using PowerPoint is super easy, and it helps if you know some quick wins. Your content might be on the mark, but if the presentation itself is not visually appealing,... Continue Reading →

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