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Inbox Zero with Microsoft 365 Quick Steps in Outlook

Of all the 2020 Lockdown "resolutions" I had, I did at least achieve some. Getting my #Outlook Inbox down to Zero was something I've wanted to do for years! With #Microsoft365 we got Quick Steps in Outlook which was a... Continue Reading →

Day 153 Quick Steps in Outlook – Reply and Delete

#Office365Challenge - With all the emails we receive it would be great to "remove" all the duplicate stuff. For example, the replies in the conversations. We end up with lots of copies of the same original mail because of this.... Continue Reading →

Day 152 Quick Steps in Outlook – Team Email

#Office365Challenge - On day 148 I explained how to create your own personal Distribution group, well today I'll show you an even easier way (yes, yes.... I'm also learning). Day: 152 of 365, 213 left Tools: Outlook Description: Quick StepsĀ in... Continue Reading →

Day 151 Quick Steps in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Quick Steps in Outlook allows you to setup custom actions for tasks that you repeat often. Moving certain emails to a folder, forward emails to a specific group of people etc. I am not talking about rules, which... Continue Reading →

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