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#MicrosoftTeams: 10 Things You Should Know

I still believe #MicrosoftTeams to be the ultimate user adoption catalyst, and the gateway drug that leads to the consumption of the other #Office365 apps and services. The tool however is too powerful to just roll out with an email... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Administration

No matter what anyone has told you, deploying #Office365 #MicrosoftTeams is not just about flipping a switch. Yes, it is the best thing you'll EVER roll out in your company. No, you can't just do it without some groundwork and... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 245: Updates to the Settings in #MicrosoftForms

Recently we've had some updates to the settings in Microsoft Forms and this allows for us to do SO much more. We now have the ability to NOT record names when surveys are for within the Org, also set start... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 32: Administrator Settings for Microsoft Teams

#Microsoft365 - Before we get started with the awesome goodness of Microsoft Teams, let's work through the various settings to be considered. For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go to the index page. Related:  Microsoft 365 Day 31: Microsoft Teams 101... Continue Reading →

Day 312 – Skype for Business Settings

#Office365Challenge In the last of my Skype for Business (for now) blogs, I'll cover the settings today. See previous posts around the functionality. Day:  312 of 365, 53 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description:  Skype for Business Settings Audience:  All... Continue Reading →

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