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How to create Image Maps with Hotspots in #SharePoint Online

Yes, yes. Calm down. I know those pages used to load slower than tortoises running backwards, uphill, blindfolded through peanut butter, but.... there is a place for it, and it's easier than ever - WITHOUT #SharePoint Designer. Let me show... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #18: Image maps in SharePoint 2013

For any SharePoint lover (who like me cannot code from scratch to save their life), the loss of the Designer View in SharePoint (Designer) 2013 was devastating, to say the least. A bit like the Matrix without the sunglasses. I... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #3: Banners & Click-able Images In SharePoint

For years I’ve been sneaking click-able images onto SharePoint pages. Sneaking, you might ask? Well, this was long before I was trusted to use SharePoint Designer. It was the only way I could create user-friendly, pretty (yes I said it)... Continue Reading →

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