For years I’ve been sneaking click-able images onto SharePoint pages. Sneaking, you might ask? Well, this was long before I was trusted to use SharePoint Designer. It was the only way I could create user-friendly, pretty (yes I said it) environments / navigation pages for myself and my users. Of course – with enough money and developers / designers – Ferrari sites can be built – but we don’t all have access to that kind of resources.

So by making do with what I had – I actually managed. And thanks to that I fell in love with Microsoft and all I was able to accomplish by ONLY using Microsoft.
The Lighter side of Microsoft is my ode to what is possible in Microsoft Office. Every day I meet people who are astounded as to what is possible in MS Office. Which just brings me back to empowering users – and making sure that they are trained to efficiently use the tools they are issued with.

Below is the banner and “button” I inserted on the SharePoint Page. Scroll down below the image to access the “How To” Manual.

Just so you know: This is not a HOW TO for creating Image Maps in SharePoint. Image Maps are single images with multiple hotspots or click-able links on them – and can be created using SharePoint Designer. I will demonstrate this in a follow-up blog. Have a look at my #SPSJHB 2013 Presentation – it has lots of Image Map examples in.

The attached PDF is a manual which will enable you to do the following:

• Create a banner (image) in PowerPoint
• Insert the banner on a SharePoint Page
• Create a button (image) in PowerPoint
• Insert the button on a SharePoint Page
• Make this button click-able (hyperlink to an email address)

Note: I used Microsoft Office 2010 and my Office 365 site.
Click here to open the PDF.

Till next time. Go forth and be awesome!

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Note: eMPowerMe is an initiative of The Guid Stuff (Pty) Ltd. to reach out to people and change their lives by empowering them. Please share this with other users and in the process empower them as well.