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#Microsoft365 Day 274: Add hyperlinks to paragraphs on other pages in #OneNote

I'm loving #OneNote. It always helps to do some research and learn new things.Today we'll take a look at adding links (hyperlinks) to content that resides on other pages. This is great for reference and building relationships (navigation) between your... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 45: Create hyperlinks in Office Documents

#Microsoft365 – Creating hyperlinks might be easy – but how many people actually use it? For those of you who know me – you’ll know I have a big thing about “presentation”. Whatever we write or present or send into the... Continue Reading →

Day 236 Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide

#Office365Challenge Want to know how to change the hyperlink colours on your PowerPoint slide. Well scroll down and I'll show you. Day: 236 of 365, 129 left Tools: Office 365 / PowerPoint Description: Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide PowerPoint has... Continue Reading →

Day 182 Shapes with Hyperlinks on Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge Ready to have some fun with Wiki Pages? Yesterday we looked at creating and adding text and images. Let's look at inserting shapes and adding hyperlinks to them today. Day: 182 of 365, 183 left Tools: SharePoint, PowerPoint Description: Shapes with... Continue Reading →

Day 31 – SharePoint Surveys Part 6

#Office365Challenge - So you've created a survey. Now how do you bring this under the attention of your users? People don't navigate around sites looking for surveys to complete - so it's definitely not a "Pull" of content, it will... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #18: Image maps in SharePoint 2013

For any SharePoint lover (who like me cannot code from scratch to save their life), the loss of the Designer View in SharePoint (Designer) 2013 was devastating, to say the least. A bit like the Matrix without the sunglasses. I... Continue Reading →

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