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#Microsoft365 Day 86 – The Evolution of Finding Stuff

#Microsoft365 #Office365 - Very often I get asked the one BIG thing that affects User Adoption negatively when moving to the cloud. Of course there are many technical challenges, and I'm very grateful for the people out there dealing with... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 49: Digital Literacy and the Impact on User Adoption

#Microsoft365 #MSIgnite – I recently delivered a session at Microsoft Ignite on Digital Literacy. This is something I'm super passionate about and I'd love to give you some background and explain my thought process. WARNING:  This will NOT be a 5... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 1: 10 Rules Zombieland taught me about User Adoption

#Microsoft365 To kick-start the new 365 Day Challenge, I decided to have some fun. The way people talk about User Adoption you'd think it's the apocalypse. In this blog I'll share 10 great ways to change your company culture and... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365: Challenge accepted!!

#Microsoft365Challenge - 365 Blogs in 365 Days about Microsoft 365. The challenge is on. Who's joining me? Some of you might know me as the Microsoft-loving, biker chick who did the Around the Office in 365 Days Challenge 2016/2017 (365... Continue Reading →

Day 120 – Adoption Methodology Resources

#Office365Challenge - Adoption Methodology Resources. The last couple of posts has been all about the training, support and resources available for Office 365. Keep in mind that I'm researching the content I blog about - I'm definitely NO expert. And... Continue Reading →

Change Management & Governance Webinar June 2nd, 2016

So you KNOW you need to put something in place, but you have no idea where to start? In this webinar I'll share some practical knowledge on achieving this - as we have more than enough theory out there on... Continue Reading →

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