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Week 4: Hitchhiker’s Guide – In the UI/UX/CX world, who is your Customer?

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – This week I would like to focus on who the "customer" is. This of course is rather self explanatory if you've done a proposal and someone is paying you to do something. But what if what you're doing it... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Intuitive Design & User Adoption

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – Today we'll chat about Intuitive Design and the importance thereof in the complex journey to achieving greater User Adoption. You should spot at least 5 rookie mistakes in my mock-up design Week:  3 of 42, 39 left This week's best line from Douglas Adams’... Continue Reading →

Week 2: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Website Project Roles & Responsibilities

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – In this week's blog I would like to talk about roles and responsibilities in typical website projects. (Haha yes, I said typical - how funny is that?!). Week:  2 of 42, 40 left This week's best line from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Hitchhiker’s Guide – UI / UX / CX Glossary

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – This is the first week in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 week blog challenge. Here I'll be documenting my journey into understanding and surviving in the mysterious world of UI / UX and CX. This week will... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #22: Design Principles

So you're creating sites, libraries and lists in SharePoint, building some cool stuff on Wiki Pages / Web Part Pages? Guess what Cupcake?! You're a developer. Just because some really clever people worked super hard and pre-built all the code... Continue Reading →

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