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Restore previous versions of files or documents from Microsoft Teams

Perhaps you've been working on a file every day and something goes wrong, or someone accidentally deleted the file? Let me show you how to restore previous versions of the file or even restore a deleted copy of the file... Continue Reading →

Restore corrupt files which are saved on #OneDrive or #SharePoint

AAARGHH!!!! There is nothing as frustrating as receiving that "Excel cannot open the file.... file has been corrupted." message. This happens to me occasionally, especially on those files that I edit often, across different devices and when the files have... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 65: Easy access to file location and version in Office

#Microsoft365 - So I have no idea when this was added or what it's called, but I LOVE it!! Take note of the following feature in your #Office365 Excel, Word & PowerPoint: For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go to the... Continue Reading →

Day 88 – Version Histories in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Version Histories in SharePoint are one of those features I use to get people to trust SharePoint AND each other. The root cause of every complex site I have come across is people not trusting other people. This... Continue Reading →

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