Perhaps you’ve been working on a file every day and something goes wrong, or someone accidentally deleted the file? Let me show you how to restore previous versions of the file or even restore a deleted copy of the file that is stored in #MicrosoftTeams (#SharePoint).

Restore a previous electronic version of a document:

When in Microsoft Teams, make sure you’re in the correct channel (1) in the Files Tab (2), click on Open in SharePoint (3). This will open up the SharePoint site behind the Microsoft Team as SharePoint is actually the storage.

It will now open the SharePoint Site, on the specific folder for the channel in which you opened SharePoint from. In this example:  Documents > 00 Administration. Click on the ellipses (…) next to the specific document name (1) and go to Version History (2):

Here you will see the different electronic versions of your document. You can easily select the version you desire and click on Restore:

If you need a separate copy of the file (perhaps edits have been made to the new copy you would like to keep or copy into the old version, then simply View the document and Save As a new document to your PC.

Restore a deleted document from the recycle bin in SharePoint

Deleted files in Microsoft Teams are kept for 93 days in the SharePoint Recycle Bin.

To access a deleted document, navigate to SharePoint (in the Team where the document was deleted):

Then go to the Recycle Bin (1), select the document (2), then click on Restore (3). It will restore it to the Files of the Channel it was in at the time it was deleted.

Voila!  Hope you’re enjoying using Teams as much as I do 🙂

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