In today’s post we’ll be looking at editing the survey form (page) as well as adding a Thank You page which reroutes the user to another page after submitting / closing the survey.

Create the survey:
1. Site Settings
2. Add an app
3. Survey > Name > New Theme 2015
With this survey I want users to “vote” for the new theme that will be applied to their Collaboration site. I’ve added only one Choice (radio button) question, with the following options: Orange, Sea Monster and Green.
4. Settings > Add question > Choice (radio buttons): Please select your new 2015 Theme
5. Finish

Add Image:
I want people to see a preview of the theme when they make their choice, so I’ve made a screenshot of the themes and saved the image to my Site Assets library
6. Save image to Site Assets
7. Right-click copy URL of image

Edit page:
8. Go back to the Survey overview page and click on “Respond to this survey”
9. Settings > Edit the page
10. Add a web part
11. Media and Content > Image Viewer > Add
12. Once the web part is added, click “open the tool pane” to go to the settings
13. In the “To link to an image file, type a URL or path” field – paste the URL you copied to the image
14. Under Appearance > Chrome Type – set this to None (this will hide the web part header)
15. OK > Apply
16. Save the page
Web Part Settings

Survey Form

Building the Thank You page:
17. Settings > Add a page > Name it Thank you
18. Add any text necessary (I’ve added a link back to the Intranet Home Page)
19. Save the page
Thank you Page

Reroute the finish button to the Thank you Page:
20. Get the link to the survey:
21. Replace the “overview” with new form: (this will open the form when users click on the link).
22. Add the rerouting: (survey link + ?Source= + Thank you Page URL)
23. When sending the link out on an email (or announcement) select the words “click here to complete the survey”, right-click > Hyperlink and paste the new hyperlink in the address field.

Voila!! Once users click the finish button, they will be rerouted to the Thank you Page and not the server settings (overview) page.

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