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Microsoft 365 Day 3: Facilitating The Evolution Of Human Capabilities

#Microsoft365 This blog is all about the WHY. We know WHAT and HOW we do it - but have you figured out the WHY? Many adoption programs fail, because the motivation and outcome is focused on the tangible numbers. "We... Continue Reading →

Empowering stuff for great people #3 – The (dying) Art of Eloquence

I’m always nagging my students about taking the time when “expressing” themselves. Writing emails, creating documents, presentations AND YES – building SharePoint solutions. It’s important that they understand that their ‘words’ speak on their behalf, when they’re not around to... Continue Reading →

Empowering stuff for great people #2 – 10 Things you didn’t know about @tracyvds

Inspired by Veronique Palmer and then followed by Seb Matthews I just had to do this. What you might ask? Well.... put my reputation at risk by telling you 10 things about me you'd (most probably) NEVER learn. 1: Opened... Continue Reading →

Empowering stuff for great people #1

So I’ve decided to put a list together of all the websites / tools etc. that I use. That way you only have to add one page to your favourites [this one] – and not 100’s… “Every day you have... Continue Reading →

iCloud today, iBike tomorrow….

I just LOVE Microsoft. They get me. "One way in which the cloud is helping companies to be more innovative is by freeing up IT managers to work on more mission-critical projects." (By mission-critical I'm thinking riding my bike and... Continue Reading →

London & Vegas in 10 Crazy Days

What a busy month it's been!! What a lucky girl I am!! Apart from the SPC12 SharePoint Conference (about which I'll go into more detail later) – I have had the most amazing couple of weeks when it comes to traveling... Continue Reading →

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