I’m always nagging my students about taking the time when “expressing” themselves. Writing emails, creating documents, presentations AND YES – building SharePoint solutions. It’s important that they understand that their ‘words’ speak on their behalf, when they’re not around to defend themselves. Spelling, grammar and the correct use of words leaves a lasting impression.

Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion.

I don’t appreciate the use of mxit language, internet slang and abbreviations. This becoming the breeding grounds for Functional illiteracy. Afrikaans being my first (home) language means that I still make a lot of mistakes in English – but I’m trying – and I’m getting better every day.

Which brings me to a blog I read recently: it made me hang my head in shame. I have become guilty of a similar crime: overuse & misuse of words. Put me on the spot and ask me for another word to use in the place of “Amazing” or “Awesome” and I cannot think of one. I am very grateful though to have a friend who reminds me of this quite regularly (to my embarrassment), he rescued me from the “whatever / whateva” disease not so long ago.

Today’s blog is my tribute to the Art of Eloquence. Below I’ve listed some beautiful words to use instead of “Amazing”, “Awesome” and “Good”. I’m making a conscious decision to incorporate these into my daily vocabulary – and so break the awful habit.

Have a wonderful (amazing) day and stay as remarkable (awesome) as you are – till next time.

20 words to use instead of “Amazing”
• Breath-taking
• Overwhelming
• Phenomenal
• Remarkable
• Significant
• Spectacular
• Splendid
• Staggering
• Startling
• Stunning
• Stupefying
• Tremendous
• Unanticipated
• Unbelievable
• Unexpected
• Unforeseen
• Unimaginable
• Unpredicted
• Unthinkable
• Wonderful

23 words to use instead of “Awesome”
• Astounding
• Breath-taking
• Flawless
• Indomitable
• Legendary
• Magnificent
• Majestic
• Marvellous
• Outstanding
• Phenomenal
• Prodigious
• Rapturous
• Remarkable
• Resplendent
• Righteous
• Staggering
• Stunning
• Stupendous
• Sublime
• Superb
• Transcendent
• Virtuosic
• Wicked

50 words to use instead of “Good”
• Admirable
• Adorable
• Amazing
• Astonishing
• Attention Grabbing
• Awesome
• Best
• Breath taking
• Brilliant
• Champion
• Commendable
• Effective
• Excellent
• Exceptional
• Extraordinary
• Fabulous
• Fantabulous
• Fantastic
• Fine
• First class
• Flawless
• Great
• High quality
• Impressive
• Incomparable
• Incredible
• Interesting
• Invaluable
• Magnificent
• Marvellous
• Memorable
• Mesmerizing
• Mind blowing
• Outperforming
• Outstanding
• Perfect
• Phenomenal
• Remarkable
• Reverberating
• Spectacular
• Stunning
• Stupendous
• Super
• Super Duper
• Superb
• Superior
• Supreme
• Terrific
• Tremendous
• Wonderful

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