I just LOVE Microsoft. They get me.

“One way in which the cloud is helping companies to be more innovative is by freeing up IT managers to work on more mission-critical projects.”

(By mission-critical I’m thinking riding my bike and jumping out of planes?). Read more about New Business Revenues and Office 365.

Did my first AFF Jump today. Needless to say absolutely amazing experience, and my muscles are so sore, I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow…  No pain. No gain? Looking forward to improving my [lack of] technique. Thank goodness for great instructors:  Tony Leroux & Wolfgang Gebetsroither.


3,5 Years ago I did my Tandem at Witbank Skydiving Club as well – together with Gert Mynhard (my fiancé), Jason and Thatch our instructors and Glen Coleman the cameraman. Sadly within a year both Gert & Glen had passed away – whilst doing what they loved most. Heroes – you will be forever young – and never forgotten…


To end off – there is a saying: “Only bikers know why dogs stick their heads out of car windows”.  Seems we need to add skydivers as well.