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Day 76 – SharePoint Apps – Building a Calendar

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint Apps – Building a Calendar. So you have a Calendar in Outlook - why would you build one on SharePoint? Have you ever tried to manage and book an event without all the relevant calendars shared with... Continue Reading →

Day 75 – SharePoint Apps – Building a Task List

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint Apps - Building a Task List: I've sat in way too many meetings where tasks were being captured on Word / Excel or even on paper. Only for that person to then spend hours updating the lists,... Continue Reading →

Day 74 – Adding Apps in SharePoint Online

#Office365Challenge - Adding Apps in SharePoint is what makes it SO GREAT. You don't have to be a developer. Microsoft has prebuilt apps that can be used and built in literally minutes. Always keep in mind - just because it's... Continue Reading →

Day 73 – Office365 Admin App Managing your Release Preferences

#Office365Challenge - Office365 Admin Mobile App - Managing your Release Preferences is 3 clicks away. By now you'd know that one of the benefits of Office 365 and SharePoint Online - is that you have access to latest versions or... Continue Reading →

Day 72 – Office 365 Admin Mobile App

#Office365Challenge - Office365 Admin Mobile App - always on the move? Then this is for you.  Nothing as frustrating than having stop what you doing after hours. Boot up the notebook, log into your 365 site to reset passwords or... Continue Reading →

Day 71 – Trim videos in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge - Trimming videos is not something I've ever done - why? Because I found it too difficult - with too many apps out there to use, and too little time to figure it out. I got told today, that... Continue Reading →

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