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Day 208 – Solutions Registers in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge Now before we start talking about Permissions I want to share the following Governance tip with you. Solution Registers Day: 208 of 365, 157 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Solutions Registers in SharePoint We all want people to use SharePoint, and use... Continue Reading →

Day 202 – Open list on New Form

#Office365Challenge Today's tip is very easy to do and adds lots of value for end users. Day: 202 of 365, 163 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Open List on Newform.aspx SharePoint might be easy to use, but for people who don't use it... Continue Reading →

Day 201 – Target Audience on Navigation Links

#Office365Challenge In my last two posts I discussed Target Audience on Web Parts as well as Lists and Library items. Today I'll show you how to set Target Audience on Navigation links. Day: 201 of 365, 164 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Target... Continue Reading →

Day 200 – Target Audience on Lists or Libraries

#Office365Challenge While we're on web parts, let's chat about applying target audience on Lists and Libraries - and the items in them. Day: 200 of 365, 165 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Target Audience on Lists or Libraries Target Audience allows you to... Continue Reading →

Day 199 – Target Audience on Web Parts

#Office365Challenge While we're on web parts, let's chat about applying target audience filters on web parts. Day: 199 of 365, 166 left Tools:  SharePoint Description:  Target Audience on Web Parts Target Audience gives you the ability to make a web part... Continue Reading →

Day 198 – Chrome State and Type of Web Parts

#Office365Challenge We've been talking about web parts for a couple of days now, today I want to focus on the Chrome State and Type of a web part. Day: 198 of 365, 167 left Tools:  SharePoint Description:  Chrome Type and State for... Continue Reading →

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