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Day 223 – PowerPoint Slide Masters

#Office365Challenge I have to give Alistair Pugin (the ECM Ninja) the credit for this one. As ok as I think I am with PowerPoint, I've never worked with Slide Masters till this past week, while I was prepping the slide deck for #SPSJHB. So... Continue Reading →

Day 222 – Blank Layout in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge How to change layout for all your slides in PowerPoint. Day: 222 of 365, 143 left Tools: Office 365 / PowerPoint Description: Blank layout in PowerPoint Now this might be something simple, but believe me if you don't know - it's... Continue Reading →

Day 221 – Keep documents offline

#Office365Challenge Keep documents offline is a pretty neat feature. Day: 221 of 365, 144 left Tools: SharePoint / Office 365 Description: Keep documents offline At Ignite we heard quite a bit about One Drive and the ability to view all your files... Continue Reading →

Day 220 – Open PDF in Word

#Office365Challenge So you've saved a Word document as a PDF and forgot to save the original Word document - has this happened to you? It sure has to me - plenty times. Well, today's post will change your life then. Day:... Continue Reading →

Day 219 – 200 Things I didn’t know Word could do

#Office365Challenge Nah, I'm kidding, I'm sure there is much more about Word I don't know. Today's post is dedicated to Francois Pienaar (@fhpienaar - fellow #Office365Challenge buddy), just for fun and because I can. Day: 219 of 365, 146 left Tools: Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Day 218 – Check Permissions for a person on a SharePoint Site

#Office365Challenge How to check permissions for a specific user on a specific site. Day: 218 of 365, 147 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Check Permissions for a user on a SharePoint Site Related Posts / Resources: Default permission levels in SharePoint Understanding permission levels... Continue Reading →

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