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Day 243 – Using Notes Pages in PowerPoint

 #Office365Challenge PowerPoint presentations should not have too much text on each slide. This means that the people will read the text instead of listening to you.  Greater impact is achieved by adding keywords on the slides, then telling the story around... Continue Reading →

Day 238 – SharePoint Online New Site Pages

#Office365Challenge One of the most recent updates to SharePoint Online (Office 365) is the New Site Pages. Day: 238 of 365, 127 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint Description: New SharePoint online new Site pages This page opens when you... Continue Reading →

Day 237 Paragraph text alignment in Office 365

#Office365Challenge Today's post will be about the text alignment options in Office 365. Day: 237 of 365, 128 left Tools: Office 365 / PowerPoint Description: Paragraph text alignment in Office 365 Before I start with my daily "musings", I'd like to... Continue Reading →

Day 236 Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide

#Office365Challenge Want to know how to change the hyperlink colours on your PowerPoint slide. Well scroll down and I'll show you. Day: 236 of 365, 129 left Tools: Office 365 / PowerPoint Description: Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide PowerPoint has... Continue Reading →

Day 235 Open a SharePoint Online site on an Android device

#Office365Challenge Here's a quick one to make all the Android users happy. SharePoint Mobile App is now available for download. Day: 235 of 365, 130 left Tools: Office 365 / Outlook Description: Open SharePoint Online Site on your Android device Keep... Continue Reading →

Day 234 – Sorting and Collapsed Views in Outlook

#Office365Challenge The more data we work with, the more difficult it is to find what we're looking for. Today I'll share a simple trick for managing your Outlook. Day: 234 of 365, 131 left Tools: Office 365 / Outlook Description:... Continue Reading →

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