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#Microsoft365 Day 83: PART 3 – SharePoint Communication Sites using Blank Design

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #SharePoint – So we've been looking at the new Communication Sites in SharePoint Online. We've covered the Topic and Showcase Design Template. Let's look at the Blank design today, and the different web parts that can be added. For... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Hitchhiker’s Guide – SharePoint Communication Sites using Showcase Design

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – Today we'll take a look at using the Showcase design template for building Communication sites in SharePoint online. Week:  7 of 42, 35 left This week's best line from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series: “Protect me from... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Hitchhiker’s Guide – SharePoint Communication Sites using Topic Design

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – SharePoint Communication Sites - Wooohoooo!! Available for First Release Customers from end of June. Today we'll take a look at one of the 3 templates - Topic Design. What are Communication Sites? "A new generation of the mobile... Continue Reading →

Week 5: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Change Web Part Title Bar Colour in SharePoint

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – Ok, so enough theory for now. Let's get to some fun stuff you can achieve in SharePoint - without being a developer / designer, or have coding skills. Today we'll add some colour behind your SharePoint Web Part... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Hitchhiker’s Guide – In the UI/UX/CX world, who is your Customer?

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – This week I would like to focus on who the "customer" is. This of course is rather self explanatory if you've done a proposal and someone is paying you to do something. But what if what you're doing it... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Intuitive Design & User Adoption

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – Today we'll chat about Intuitive Design and the importance thereof in the complex journey to achieving greater User Adoption. You should spot at least 5 rookie mistakes in my mock-up design Week:  3 of 42, 39 left This week's best line from Douglas Adams’... Continue Reading →

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