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#Microsoft365 Day 190: SWAT: SharePoint Weapons and Tactics – Part 1

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #SharePoint Why do we invest in a product and then insist on micro managing it - just because we don’t trust people? In my next couple of blogs we'll be looking at the 'weapons' that exist in OTB SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 359 – Expiry dates on Announcement Lists in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - 6 Days to Go - So the Announcement list has an "Expires Column". That solves everything right? Nope. If you add this list to your landing page it will still show all items, regardless of whether they have "expired"... Continue Reading →

Day 225 – Filtered Alerts on Document Types

#Office365Challenge With the amount of information being thrown at us daily - it helps to receive notifications on relevant information. Using Alerts in SharePoint is a great way of achieving that. Day: 225 of 365, 140 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 95 – Creating [Me] Views in SharePoint

< #Office365Challenge - Creating [Me] Views in SharePoint are very helpful if you start working in environments where there's 1000's of documents and you need to focus on what you work with. Not only useful for libraries, but all the... Continue Reading →

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