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Manage Emails

Day 151 Quick Steps in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Quick Steps in Outlook allows you to setup custom actions for tasks that you repeat often. Moving certain emails to a folder, forward emails to a specific group of people etc. I am not talking about rules, which... Continue Reading →

Day 150 Search Tools in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Outlook Search Filter Tools - We live in times where we're expected to do more while being exposed to more - and to make better decisions. If you're not using the tools available to help you "focus" your... Continue Reading →

Day 149 Manage emails in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Does you Inbox get "out" of hand?¬†Of course it does, we manage our lives through our emails. In this blog I'll give you some tips on how to better manage your emails. Day: 149 of 365, 216 left... Continue Reading →

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