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#Microsoft365 Day 130: What happens to my documents in Microsoft Teams?

#Microsoft365 #Office365 It's never a good idea to just start using a new platform and not be sure of what it actually does with your files for example. Here's a quick look at what happens when you share documents in... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 122: Capture notes using #OfficeLens, #OneNote and #OneDrive on your Mobile

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #OfficeLens #OneNote #OneDrive As preparation for the upcoming #IntraTeam18 conference in Copenhagen I've started setting up my OneNote sections and pages I'd like to use for the conference. I use my mobile to take notes, pictures and reference files.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 76: See files others have shared with you

#Microsoft365 - We're living in the era of Failure to Filter. Too much information, whether through search or discovery, comes our way every minute. Microsoft has done so much to help us filter out and find information faster. The "Shared... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 60: Pin to Quick Access in Windows File Explorer

#Microsoft365 - Here's a quick one, sure to save you lots of time NOT navigating to stuff. Let's take a look at setting Quick Access Favourites in #Windows File Explorer. For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go to the index page.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 50: Microsoft Teams – you’re so hot right now!

#Microsoft365 - #MSIgnite supported my feeling - I still consider "Microsoft Teams" the gateway drug to consumption of the greater Office 365 apps and services. Of course I mean this in a good way - the best way, as Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Day 254 – Flow: Copy new files in Dropbox to a specific folder on OneDrive

#Office365Challenge This Flow template will make a copy of a file added to Dropbox and place it in your OneDrive (personal) folder. Day: 254 of 365, 111 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Dropbox / OneDrive Description: Flow:  Copy new... Continue Reading →

Day 253 – Flow: Save new email attachment to OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge We've already done a flow which saves your email attachments to a SharePoint Library. Today we'll do one to save email attachments to your OneDrive for Business. Day: 253 of 365, 112 left Tools: Office 365 / OneDrive / Flow /... Continue Reading →

Day 250 – Flow – Save Photos from Instagram to OneDrive

#Office365Challenge Here's a pretty exciting template. I love taking photos. I even love taking photos of beautiful things more. I can never find my photos. This template will save your photos published to Instagram, to a library on your OneDrive.... Continue Reading →

Day 240 – Using OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge Adding files to OneDrive couldn't be easier. Especially if you've synced it to your pc already. Day: 240 of 365, 125 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint Description: Using OneDrive for Business Upload files: Click on the New, then... Continue Reading →

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