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Quick Launch

#Microsoft365 Day 310: Let’s Build a #SharePoint Intranet Together (Part 20)

The Top (Global) navigation helps users navigate, this also shows up great in the mobile app. On the new modern sites, this is actually the old Quick Launch and there are two ways to update this. Let me show you... Continue Reading →

Day 201 – Target Audience on Navigation Links

#Office365Challenge In my last two posts I discussed Target Audience on Web Parts as well as Lists and Library items. Today I'll show you how to set Target Audience on Navigation links. Day: 201 of 365, 164 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Target... Continue Reading →

Day 42 – Navigation elements in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint Navigation Elements affects the navigation on the left - also known as the Quick Launch. Day: 42 of 365, 323 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Making changes to the Navigation Elements in SharePoint By default SharePoint sites display... Continue Reading →

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