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Microsoft 365 Day 27: Skype for Business 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Chat, audio and video calls in the easy to use Skype for Business platform. Used for conversations like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc., but with added functionality to facilitate collaboration in your business. For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge go... Continue Reading →

Day 312 – Skype for Business Settings

#Office365Challenge In the last of my Skype for Business (for now) blogs, I'll cover the settings today. See previous posts around the functionality. Day:  312 of 365, 53 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description:  Skype for Business Settings Audience:  All... Continue Reading →

Day 311 – Schedule Meetings with Skype for Business

#Office365Challenge I still have a lot to say about Skype for Business. Today I'll take your through Scheduling Meetings, Whiteboards, Co-authoring of documents, Polls, Q&A's and the Meet Now functionality. Day:  311 of 365, 54 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description: ... Continue Reading →

Day 310 – Audio and Video Calls with Skype for Business

#Office365Challenge Today we're looking at making audio and video calls with Skype for Business, as well as sharing your desktop and recording calls.   Day:  310 of 365, 55 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description:  Audio and Video Calls with... Continue Reading →

Day 309 – Instant Messaging with Skype for Business

#Office365Challenge Now that we have the basics out of the way (menus and contacts), we'll take a look at using Skype for Instant Messaging. Day:  309 of 365, 56 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description:  Instant Messaging with Skype for... Continue Reading →

Day 308 – Finding and Adding Contacts in Skype for Business

#Office365Challenge Join me on my journey exploring Skype for Business. Yesterday I covered all the menus and buttons, today we'll look at finding and adding contact / groups. Day:  308 of 365, 57 left Tools:  Office 365, Skype for Business Description:  Finding and Adding Contacts... Continue Reading →

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