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#Microsoft365 Day 108 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – News

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #SharePoint - Have something to say? Well here's a great web part to use on your Intranet and to get communications out. I'll explain how to add the web part to your page as well as how to... Continue Reading →

Day 183 Reference Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge Yesterday we created hyperlinks on shapes we inserted, today I'll show you how to reference Current Wiki Pages and Apps on your site. Day: 183 of 365, 182 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Reference Wiki Pages & Apps Related Blogs: Around the... Continue Reading →

Day 182 Shapes with Hyperlinks on Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge Ready to have some fun with Wiki Pages? Yesterday we looked at creating and adding text and images. Let's look at inserting shapes and adding hyperlinks to them today. Day: 182 of 365, 183 left Tools: SharePoint, PowerPoint Description: Shapes with... Continue Reading →

Day 181 SharePoint Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge My blog today will give you an overview of Wiki Pages in SharePoint. How to create them and start adding content. Day: 181 of 365, 184 left Tools: SharePoint Description: SharePoint Wiki Pages Related Blogs: The lighter side of Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Day 180 SharePoint Pages Basics

#Office365Challenge Let's talk about the basics of SharePoint pages. Day: 180 of 365, 185 left Tools: SharePoint Description: SharePoint Pages Basics Today I'll try my best to explain what SharePoint pages are. Might sound silly to most of you - but... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of Microsoft #18: Image maps in SharePoint 2013

For any SharePoint lover (who like me cannot code from scratch to save their life), the loss of the Designer View in SharePoint (Designer) 2013 was devastating, to say the least. A bit like the Matrix without the sunglasses. I... Continue Reading →

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