Inspired by Veronique Palmer and then followed by Seb Matthews I just had to do this.

What you might ask?

Well…. put my reputation at risk by telling you 10 things about me you’d (most probably) NEVER learn.

1: Opened a Light Motor Vehicle Driving School at age of 18 (+3weeks) which I had for 3 years.
2: EXTREMELY shy to meet new people (pfftttt whatever…. is SO true)
3: Born & Bred Cape Town, Cupcake, Hippy, Gypsy Chick
4: I love my bike(s) / biking more than anything in the world – REALLY!!
5: Even though I’m “well-known” for ‘reverbing’ “cupcake” – I don’t (really) eat or bake them.
6: What I would like to accomplish most in life (bucket list) is Proximity Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Jumping off a mountain
7: I LOVE heights and speed – but I am terrified of “looking up at (high) things”.
8: I have no children, pets or even (live) plants.
9: I have a fear of sticky things, and it is appropriately called “Gooeeyphobia”. No chocolate body paint for me, thank you cupcake.
10: Last but not least – I believe that the value of life can be calculated by what can be bought by money. If it can be bought = no value.

Rock on Cupcakes!!
10 Things
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