In this blog we’ll be looking at resizing the promoted links (default size is 150x150px) and wrapping them to create an Employee Toolkit.
For more information on Promoted Links, see my previous blog: The lighter side of Microsoft #15: Wrapping Promoted Links in SharePoint

Step1: Create the Promoted Links Images:
1. Create the images you would like to use (or download)
2. I’ve used coloured shapes in PowerPoint (of course, because I LOVE PowerPoint), then added white icon images (transparent background) over the shapes
3. I used Snipping tool to snip the images which will become the Promoted Links images. I saved these as ML001, ML002 so that I would remember the sequence (I want the buttons to be in a specific order)
4. NOTE: It’s important that these images are EXACTLY square. If it’s 100 x 101px it will “stretch” on the page. It does not have to be the size you end up chosing – it must just be square and it will automatically scale.

Create Images

Step 2: Create image library for the Promoted Links Images
1. Site Settings > Add an app > Picture Library = Name: Promoted Links Images
2. Now upload the 16 Promoted Links Images in this Picture Library

Step 3: Create Promoted Links list:
1. Site Settings > Add an app > Promoted Links = Name: Promoted Links List
2. In this Promoted links list – add 16 lines which references the images you’ve uploaded (in the picture library) as well as the name & URL(website) for the Promoted Link
3. Use the “All Promoted Links View” to add lines
4. Remember the sequence needs to be as per the order you would like to see on the page.

PM List

Step 4: Create a Wiki Page (or web part page):
1. Site Settings > Add a page > Name: Wrapped Promoted Links (Your own name)
2. In edit mode on this page, add the Promoted Links Web part
3. Insert Tab > Web Part > apps > Select the Promoted Links List you created in Step 3.
4. The Promoted Links will now be added – but in a straight line (all 16 next to each other) as per the OTB SharePoint.

NOTE: Steps 1 to 4 are the usual steps for creating (horizontal) promoted links in SharePoint 2013.

Step 5: Code:
1. Upload the latest Jquery version .JS file on your Site Assets (if necessary to reference in code). I’ve used jquery-1.10.2.min. You can find the latest versions here:
2. Click here to use the file I downloaded
3. Upload the .JS file with the code. You can find the code here, save file as a .js file and upload to your Site Assets. Remember to change the reference to the jQuery as well as the Links per Row, Image Size and name the web part (see image below).

Changes to Code

Step 6: Add the Content Editor Web Part to your page:
1. Insert Tab > Web Part > Media and content > Content Editor
2. In the “Content Link = To link to a text file, type a URL” paste the link to the JS file (Step 5, part 2).
3. Remember to (if necessary) set the Chrome State on your Script Editor to None – so that users won’t see it on the page.
4. Apply changes to Web part, Save the Page.

NOTE: In the previous blog post I used a Script Editor (Snippet) and pasted the code “on” the page. In this blog I used a Content Editor and referenced the file. This means I can reference the same code from different content editors across my site. Also if I make a change to the code – it will update all the pages that use it.

You can now change the size of the promoted links to 75, 100 or 150, and you can also change how many items should appear in a row (wrap).

Voila!! Till next time.

Promoted Links Final Wrapped2

Thanks to Umer Pasha, I got a lot of help from your post!!