My blog today reminds me of a South African advert in the early 90’s of a young boy eating Redro Fish paste. He couldn’t pronounce Redro and ended up calling it “Wedwo”. In the end he called everything “Wedwo”. Well…. everything he loved.

So here’s 30+ things I call “Wedwo” – that really makes my life easier. It also includes pc basics for troubleshooting that most of us have forgotten already, but will help users in everyday life. Based on Windows 7 and Office 2010 – can be applied to other versions as well. Use the link to download the PDF for ease of use.
Get to know your stuff (It’s a 3.5mb file so please be patient while it loads)

This document covers:
PC Basics
What is my Notebook / PC resolution settings?
Where do I find the OS (Operating System) and system settings / information?
Where do I find the details of the Microsoft Office Package installed on my machine?
What is IE – and where do I find the details?
What is the size of my computer’s hard disk drive – and how much space do I have left?
File sizes and versions
Map a network drive
Start Menu, Taskbar and Start Button
Shortcuts on your desktop
Windows & Other Key Shortcuts
Searching with the Windows Key (button on your keyboard)

Customizing the Office Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the ribbon

Snipping Tool
Where do I find it?
How to use Snipping Tool

RGB and HEX Colours
Colour inspiration
Convert Pixels to Centimetres
Save as PDF

Microsoft Picture Manager
Set as default to open images
Use Microsoft Picture Manager to compress photos and images
Use Microsoft Picture Manager to crop images
Use Microsoft Picture Manager to resize images

Remove Backgrounds from Images
Create a banner in PowerPoint
Align Objects
Drag and drop images
Hyperlinks in emails and documents

Excel (Keep in mind that formulas in Office 2013 works a bit different)
Fix capitalization using the =lower, =proper and =upper functions
Removing duplicates from a list
Cutting text from a string
Concatenate different cells (together)
Data validation