gandglogo#GlitterandGlue is my blog category dedicated to those awesome snippets you can add to your SharePoint Pages, to spice things up a bit. I am not a developer or graphic designer. I have however over the years found many helpful blogs + code / css tips and tricks that helped me add some magic to my SharePoint pages. This will at last force me to gather it all in one place – as I’m sooooo tired of looking for it everywhere. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Today’s bit of crazy:

Removing the Quick Launch (Left Navigation) from your current SharePoint Page.

There are two ways of doing this.

Option 1:

  • Copy the code below in a text file and save to your Site Assets
  • Add a Content Editor to your page
  • Reference this file in your content editor
  • Save Web Part
  • Save Page

Option 2:

  • Add a Script Editor to your page
  • Edit the Snippet
  • Add the code below in the box and Insert
  • Save Web Part
  • Save Page

Note:  Option 1 is re-useable if you intend to do this on other pages, just keep on referencing the same file. Margin-left: 0px is where you can change the width from the left. 36 pixels is 1 cm.

[code lang=css]
<br /><style>
#sideNavBox {<br />
display: none;<br />
}<br />
#contentBox {<br />
margin-left: 0px;<br />
}<br />


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