ATOI365D#Office365Challenge This weekend at #SPSJHB I had this crazy idea to start #ShareBINGO. Purely because so many terms and buzzwords get thrown around. All for fun of course, but it is obvious how many people don’t (yet) understand what these mean, and that includes me for quite a lot of them.

Day: 224 of 365, 141 left
Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint
Description: ShareBingo

So here’s my stab at #ShareBINGO 🙂

If you have any corrections or additions, please comment and I’ll modify the post accordingly.

Most of the definitions were found on Microsoft, Wikipedia and one or two others. Thank you in advance.



AD Active Directory – Active Directory is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services
ADFS Active Directory Federation Services – AD FS is a standards-based service that allows the secure sharing of identity information between trusted business partners (known as a federation) across an extranet.
Admin Centre The Office 365 admin center is used to set up your organization in the cloud, manage users, manage subscriptions, and much more.
App Launcher The Office 365 app launcher opens when you click (or tap) the app launcher icon. It’s a menu of Office 365 apps and services, depicted in tiles.
Azure Azure is an Internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in data centers managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many separate features with corresponding developer services which can be used individually or together.
Cloud Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services), which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort.
Data Sovereignty Data sovereignty is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located.
Delve Delve helps you discover the information that’s likely to be most interesting to you right now – across Office 365. Find information about people – and through people – and help others find you.   You don’t have to remember the title of a document or where it’s stored. Delve shows you documents no matter where they’re stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint in Office 365. Delve never changes any permissions, so you’ll only see documents that you already have access to. Other people will not see your private documents.
eDiscovery Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases. You can use eDiscovery in Office 365 to search for content in Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, or both. Using eDiscovery, you can identify, hold, and export content found in Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites.
Encryption in Office 365 Office 365 Message Encryption is an easy-to-use service that lets email users send encrypted messages to people inside or outside their organization.
SQL SQL is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management system, or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system.
Flow Automate almost any time-consuming task or process – Set up a simple one-step flow that notifies the whole team whenever a work item is updated, or a complex multistep flow that captures, tracks, and follows up with new sales leads—all automatically. Whether it’s a complex multistep process or a simple one-step task, flows work in the background to boost your team’s effectiveness, productivity, and performance.
HTTPS HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. HTTPS consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer.
Hybrid Hybrid is a combination of services, based on customer requirement for greater cost efficiency and scalability. Customers can utilize On premises, Azure & Office 365 for the best fit.
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service of which Azure is an example.
Office Groups Office 365 Groups is a feature developed with collaboration in mind. It works with the Office 365 apps you use already so you can collaborate with your teammates when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, or sending email.
On Premise This refers to whether the customer installs / maintains their own software. It does not necessarily refer to location (customer’s own data centre), as it could also be on an IaaS such as Azure.
OneDrive OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server, and provides place in the cloud where you can store, share, and sync your work files. You can update and share your files from any device with OneDrive for Business. You can even work on Office documents with others at the same time.
OneNote OneNote is a digital notebook. Whether you’re at home, in school, or in the office, use OneNote to take notes wherever you go. And OneNote automatically saves and synchronizes your notes so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas.
OOTB An out-of-the-box feature or functionality (also called OOTB or off the shelf), particularly in software, is a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after installation without any configuration or modification
PaaS Platform as a service is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app.
Planner Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. Planner can be used to manage a marketing event, brainstorm new product ideas, track a school project, prepare for a customer visit, or just organize your team more effectively.
PowerApps PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development.
REST Representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful web services are one way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the internet. REST-compliant web services allow requesting systems to access and manipulate textual representations of web resources using a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations
RMS Rights Management Services – RMS provides companies with the facility to lock down electronic content by limiting the functionality of specific items. A rules engine allows users and or policies to secure items so that information cannot be copied, edited, sent on via mail, etc.
ROI Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource.
SaaS Software as a Service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”.
Scalability Scalability is the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth. For example, it can refer to the capability of a system to increase its total output under an increased load when resources are added
Security & Compliance You can use the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to manage compliance across Office 365, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. You can manage archive mailboxes, eDiscovery cases, auditing reports, and retention and deletion polices in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. You can also assign permissions to compliance managers in your organization so they can access some or all of the compliance features in the Security & Compliance Center.
SLA A service-level agreement (SLA) is defined as an official commitment that prevails between a service provider and the customer.
SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.
Sway Sway is a free Microsoft app that helps you create and share beautiful, interactive, web-based reports, presentations, personal stories, newsletters, holiday memories, school and work projects and more, all from your phone or Web browser.
TCO Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate intended to help buyers and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or system.
Unified Communications Unified communications is a marketing buzzword describing the integration of real-time enterprise communication services such as instant messaging, presence information, voice, mobility features, audio, web & video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging

A big shout out to the #SPSJHB community. My family and friends to say the least. We had such a great weekend.

Overview of my challenge: As an absolute lover of all things Microsoft, I’ve decided to undertake the challenge, of writing a blog every single day, for the next 365 days. Crazy, I know. And I’ll try my best, but if I cannot find something good to say about Office 365 and the Tools it includes for 365 days, I’m changing my profession. So let’s write this epic tale of “Around the Office in 365 Days”. My ode to Microsoft Office 365.
Keep in mind that these tips and tricks do not only apply to Office 365 – but where applicable, to the overall Microsoft Office Suite and SharePoint.