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#Microsoft365 Day 317: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 3

This video is all about the amazing News pages. Hopefully these will eventually replace those boring announcements + PDF attachments that are sent to all company via email. These pages are not just about text and images. They're like little... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 272: View, restore and delete #OneNote page versions

I love that I learn new things every day. How cool is it that you can view the previous versions of your OneNote pages? This is also where you'll restore a previous version or delete it if necessary. #OneNote ROCKS!!!... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 74: Search across all Notebooks in your OneNote

#Microsoft365 -Search is the new Superpower and the ability to search across all your notebooks in OneNote really helps. I have my personal and business notebooks (sections for all my clients) and then of course I have a OneNote for... Continue Reading →

Day 183 Reference Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge Yesterday we created hyperlinks on shapes we inserted, today I'll show you how to reference Current Wiki Pages and Apps on your site. Day: 183 of 365, 182 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Reference Wiki Pages & Apps Related Blogs: Around the... Continue Reading →

Day 182 Shapes with Hyperlinks on Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge Ready to have some fun with Wiki Pages? Yesterday we looked at creating and adding text and images. Let's look at inserting shapes and adding hyperlinks to them today. Day: 182 of 365, 183 left Tools: SharePoint, PowerPoint Description: Shapes with... Continue Reading →

Day 181 SharePoint Wiki Pages

#Office365Challenge My blog today will give you an overview of Wiki Pages in SharePoint. How to create them and start adding content. Day: 181 of 365, 184 left Tools: SharePoint Description: SharePoint Wiki Pages Related Blogs: The lighter side of Microsoft... Continue Reading →

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