While we’re on the fun topic of OneNote, let’s take a look at the differences between the Online Notebook and the OneNote Desktop App.

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Tools: SharePoint
Description: Online Notebook vs OneNote

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Differences between using a notebook in the browser and in OneNote

First step today is to open your Notebook Online (from your SharePoint Site in the browser) in your OneNote desktop app.

In the browser version you’ll see “Edit in OneNote”. It might ask your credentials to authenticate the first time. Click on this and allow the synchronization if asked.


The OneNote will look different to your Online version. All your Notebooks will be availabe here (1), Sections are at the top (2) and pages on the right (3):


Any changes you make to the OneNote will be updated to the Notebook on SharePoint. There is definitely more functionality available when working in the Desktop app version (which is why I use it) vs the Online version.

Some of the functionality which are NOT available in the Online version:

  • Printing
  • Search for Tags
  • Search outside current version
  • Format Painter
  • Outlook Integration
  • Shapes, equations, and ink cannot be inserted or edited
  • Cannot insert symbols

Here’s a great article to read more about the differences.

You will also notice that the Ribbon now has much more to offer:

Home Tab:
Insert Tab:
Draw Tab:
History Tab:
Review Tab:
View Tab:

Cannot wait for tomorrow when we’ll start playing around with all the cool stuff on the ribbons.

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