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#Microsoft365 Day 266: Where’s my #MicrosoftTeam #OneNote Stored?

We know that your Microsoft Team (#Office365Group) creates a OneNote for you to use. If you're not sure where that is stored, let me show you. It's called Notebook and it's created right there on your #SharePoint site behind your... Continue Reading →

Day 179 Drawing and Adding content to your OneNote

#Office365Challenge Let's wrap up OneNote (for now) with another couple of things I bet you didn't know you could do! Day: 179 of 365, 186 left Tools: OneNote, Outlook Description: Drawing and Adding content to your OneNote Related Posts and other... Continue Reading →

Day 178 OneNote and Outlook

#Office365Challenge Yup, still have lots to say about OneNote - today we'll look at how Outlook can work together with OneNote. Day: 178 of 365, 187 left Tools: OneNote, Outlook Description: OneNote and Outlook Related Posts and other Resources: Around the... Continue Reading →

Day 177 Online Notebook vs OneNote

#Office365Challenge While we're on the fun topic of OneNote, let's take a look at the differences between the Online Notebook and the OneNote Desktop App. Day: 177 of 365, 188 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Online Notebook vs OneNote Related Posts and... Continue Reading →

Day 176 Formatting and applying Tags in OneNote

#Office365Challenge Yesterday I introduced you to OneNote. Now it's time to start having some fun. Day: 176 of 365, 189 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Formatting and applying Tags in OneNote Related Posts and other Resources: Around the Office in 365 Days:... Continue Reading →

Day 175 What is OneNote?

#Office365Challenge OneNote is now included in SharePoint Online Team Site templates and it's called the Notebook. Day: 175 of 365, 190 left Tools: SharePoint Description: OneNote Basics Part 1 "When you create a team site, a OneNote 2013 shared notebook is... Continue Reading →

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