Always remember that failing is a necessary step to success. Now that you’re building some great #PowerAutomate flows, you’re sure to have errors you need to investigate / troubleshoot. Let’s look at the ways to investigate and I’ll share more resources for those days when you run out of options. #PowerPlatform #PowerAddicts

Disclaimer:  The purpose of this #PowerPlatform 1 month blog series is not to create experts, but create curious, self-learning #HumansofIT, not afraid to try, fail and learn. Focus is to enable #CitizenDevelopers (non developers) to add extra to ordinary and become EXTRAORDINARY. All humans have the ability to be great, it’s fear of failing and the unknown that keeps us back. If that’s the only thing I can achieve, to break down your fear of technical concepts, then my work here is done 🙂


The nice thing is you’ll get an email if a flow fails. You can also monitor these on your mobile app. That’s why it’s important to give your workflows good names – it helps to know when it doesn’t have a generic name from the template.

Troubleshooting the error

When you check the runs per flow, you’ll see the error and can investigate by clicking on the run to open it:

It identifies the step where it failed and most of the time gives enough of a description for your to troubleshoot:

Most of the time my errors are from copying actions and forgetting to rename the action to be the correct reference used in the function / condition.

Resubmit after changes are made

When you make changes to your flow you can rerun (resubmit) it with the existing data:


Another error I get often is when my connections no longer authenticate. Perhaps you changed your Twitter / YouTube password etc.

Navigate to Data > Connections to check and refresh these.

Flow Checker

While building your flows you can use the Flow Checker function to see if it picks up any errors. I always make small changes and save first to troubleshoot. It’s much easier to fix one thing, than troubleshooting a whole sequence of actions that’s gone wrong.

No Joy?

So you’ve tried everything and you’re just not sure what’s broken? First step is to go to Support. See if others have the same issues and log a ticket if necessary. The community is unbelievably helpful as well, sometimes I just share a screenshot on Twitter and people respond with suggestions. Here’s an article as well to help you troubleshoot.

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Community = #LearningThroughSharing

Power Automate Specific 

Twitter handles to follow:

  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents @MSPowerVirtual
  • Microsoft Power Apps @MSPowerApps
  • Microsoft Power Automate @MSPowerAutomate
  • Microsoft Power BI @MSPowerBI
  • Dynamics 365 @MSFTDynamics365
  • Microsoft Azure @Azure
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  • Tech Community @MSTCommunity

See you tomorrow… 🙂

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